Upcoming Webinars and Webcasts available

Oracle Cloud EPM Webinar Series

Webcast 1: Strafford & Oracle: Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

Features best practices, how to build a business case and a overview and demonstration of PBCS.

Webcast 2: Consolidation and Financial Reporting in the Strafford Cloud

Bring your Oracle HFM solution to the Cloud with Strafford's fully-featured Managed Hosting Service.

Webcast 3: Budgeting & Forecasting in the Cloud with Oracle Hyperion Planning

Watch and learn more about migrating Oracle Hyperion Planning to a Managed Hosting Service in our private Cloud.  

Webcast 4: Intro to Oracle Financial Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS)

Learn about the key benefits of FCCS and watch a demonstation of some the application's capabilities.

Oracle Cloud ERP Mini Webinar Series

Webcast 5: Oracle Cloud ERP - Part 1: Social Component

This built in social component will save you valuable time - watch a demo and see it in action for yourself!

Webcast 6: Oracle Cloud ERP - Part 2: Expense Processing

Wait until you can see what it can do for your expense processing - when we demo it for you!

Webcast 7: Oracle Cloud ERP - Part 3: Invoice Scanning

Say goodbye to manual entry of invoices - watch a demo of the out-of-the-box invoice scanning!

Ready to listen to one of our past webinars? Let us know which one and we will send you the link.