Maximize Your EPM Solutions Investment

Strafford Can Help You Maximize Your EPM Solutions Investment

Strafford understands EPM and has partnered with forward thinking technology leaders such as Oracle to deliver cloud EPM solutions to finance organizations looking to improve and optimize team productivity, performance and efficiencies.

Achieve Greater Visibility Over Your Financial and Operational Data Across Your Organization

Oracle Platinum Partner

Need faster consolidation times? Finance and accounting organizations are moving away from on-premises software to cloud-based EPM solutions. In fact, in a 2015 survey by Gartner and FEI, almost half respondents indicated that they are increasing adoption and interest in cloud-based applications. Before you make any quick decisions about your Oracle Hyperion environment, let Strafford help you understand the benefits and functionality of cloud-based EPM solutions vs on-premises software solutions.


If you are looking for a faster, more reliable and supported EPM environment, Strafford can help.

Consolidation and Reporting

Consolidated financial and operating results are often produced using spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and audit. What’s more, many of today’s CFO’s must rely on legacy and custom reporting solutions, while others are dependent on general-ledger based information that cannot easily be pulled together without IT support. 

Strafford helps our clients shorten consolidation and close time by delivering expert advisory services on how they can rely on a finance environment that is fast, reliable and supported. What’s more, the system that we implement and maintain for you will deliver automated reporting and alignment of team members across the business – Finance, Tax, Audit, IT and others.

Take steps to modernize your finance ecosystem today!

A Strafford implementation will be a scalable, simple and fully integrated solution that will provide all your users with a flexible and rich platform for consolidation and reporting. Our team of finance, cloud hosting, and project management professionals apply an iterative deployment methodology that will allow you to attain 100% end-user adoption. What's more, we will bring the project in on-time and on-budget.

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Customer Who Have Maximized Their EPM Solutions Investment

We absolutely have efficiency gains, better visibility to our data, robust reporting, and streamlined processes

~ Brenda, Director of Financial Systems, Masonite

"Front-to-Back" Approach Leads to Better Productivity and Less Cost Overruns

  • Process Design
  • Prototyping and Early Build
  • Iterative Build
  • Business User Engagement
  • Knowledge Share and Staff Mentoring

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 Budgeting and Planning

Digital transformation demands more than traditional spreadsheets and legacy department-oriented planning processes. It’s essential that your business can plan and tightly manage its financial performance, and creating a cohesive budgeting process is the most effective way to keep your business, and its finances, on track.

Strafford focuses on helping our clients improve their planning, budgeting and forecasting strategy. We look at what they are doing now, what their current challenges are, and then we work together to outline a plan to create and implement a new solution that will meet their unique business goals.

Just some of the areas that we will focus on are Capital Expenditures, Headcount Planning, Project Planning, Profitability and Modeling, and much more.

Let us help you prepare for the future.

A Strafford EPM software implementation delivers better flexibility, improved accuracy and version control, and greater team transparency. Our team of finance, cloud hosting, and project management experts will work closely with you on an end-to-end project approach and iterative methodology that will kick start your budgeting and forecasting  processes.

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Financial Analytics

Great financial analytics reshapes your business with new insight, better customer experiences, and improved products and services. It’s a fact that in today’s data-filled world, analytics is an essential part of staying competitive. It helps you understand current and past performance, predict future performance and make smarter decisions. Regardless of your size, your business should be performing predictive sales, customer profitability, product profitability, cash flow, value driver, and shareholder analytics.

Strafford helps our clients spend more time doing financial analytics and less time managing their finance solutions. We accomplish this by working closely with our clients to identify their challenges and recommend the best approaches for solving these issues. Through technology and workflow reviews and assessments, we build an environment that ensures that your team is more productive and efficient. What’s more, we fully-support your environment once it is deployed.

Let us help you build an insights-driven finance organization.

A Strafford implementation will give cloud access to everyone. It will match your end-user and reporting requirements, and it allow for less reliance on IT – allowing you to focus more on financial analytics. We are available to upgrade, migrate and support your EPM applications, including Oracle Hyperion, Oracle Cloud, and SAP. The Strafford project team will consist of expert consultants who know FP&A process, networking and project management. We also work closely with our technology partners to make sure your solution will be scalable.

Fast. Reliable. Supported. That’s the Strafford Way.

Strafford has decades of experience in helping finance teams automate, align and optimize the financial solutions that will improve financial consolidation and reporting, budgeting and planning, and financial analysis. Hundreds of happy clients trust their finance ecosystem to Strafford. 

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