Strafford Consultants

Clients who work with Strafford Technology engage a diverse and growing organization of professional consultants ready to assist them to improve their business process and supporting technology.

Our consulting team will always have application experts in the chosen technology. This ranges across specific modules of the software was well as deep expertise in many facets of the application. In addition, we work closely with many software vendors so we can expect support from them when required.

Application Expertise

  •   Years of proven experience implementing BI and EPM solutions
  •   Broad Experience across multiple applications and Add-ons

Functional Experience

  •   True Finance and Business experience
  •   Assist with improving business processes

Systems KnowledgePuzzle_piece

  •   Software Installation
  •   Know the source systems - Data Integration
  •   Networking and Infrastructures

Project Leadership

  •   Risk Management
  •   Communications
  •   Scope Management
  •   Ability to manage an integrated project to success

We have built business systems in complex information technology organizations for two decades. During this time we have developed a healthy respect for those who keep business systems working to meet ever-changing business need. You will find our team welcomes the involvement of your IT staff and we will look to adding their skills to the project. Key areas we include IT are: project management and review; software and hardware installation; data management (not just ETL, but the entire process of ensuring key data is available for the business users when needed); security and ongoing administration.