10 Reasons to Migrate Hyperion Apps




You know the benefits of the cloud, so why haven't you migrated yet?

Need budget, plan, consolidate and report faster and more efficiently? Finance and accounting organizations are moving away from on-premises software to cloud-based EPM solutions. In fact, in a 2015 survey by Gartner and FEI, almost half respondents indicated that they are increasing adoption and interest in cloud-based applications. Before you make any quick decisions about your Oracle Hyperion environment, register for our paper 10 Reasons to Move Hyperion to Strafford’s Managed Application Hosting environment. 

Built to be owned and maintained by finance users, Hyperion can free your finance teams from the drudgery of manual spreadsheets which will allow them to focus on analytics and less on your operating environment. What's more, migrating Hyperion to the cloud will improve team efficiencies and deliver a single source of the truth

We know that owning the application is one thing, but maintaining and supporting it is another. Learn how a great Managed Application Hosting (MAH) provider will allow your finance team to benefit from the functionality of your Hyperion apps and not have to worry about maintenance and infrastructure. And, it reduces your reliance on IT.

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