Improve Finance Efficiency and Metadata Handlers

Improved Efficiency and Metadata Handlers Sets Parkland Up for Growth

Parkland Fuel Corporation delivers gasoline, diesel, propane, lubricants, heating oil, and other high-quality petroleum products to motorists, businesses, households, and wholesale customers in Canada and the United States. They've seen significant growth over the past five years from several medium- to large-sized acquisitions which fundamentally changed the way their business operates.

Strafford was selected to help Parkland Fuel replace manual-intensive SQL processes with Oracle’s FDMEE solution and to do a partial implementation of Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) so that they could demonstrate the power of the platform to their business and executive team leaders. By implementing FDMEE, Parkland has improved efficiency, reduced their reliance on IT, expanded metadata capabilities, gained confidence in data loads, and has achieved greater scalability for future growth.

"[Strafford was] very knowledgeable on the products and on the business side. They displayed technical expertise but also had the business and finance skills that we felt were important.”"

~ John, Senior Business Analyst


Due to tremendous growth, Parkland sought to replace an existing manual-intensive SQL-server-based data loading and metadata management solution that was cumbersome to maintain with a modern ETL solution. 


Because Parkland was already familiar with Hyperion Planning and Essbase, they wanted an Oracle solution with the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), so they decided to go with Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE). They ran into some unique issues with regards to how their ERP system handled special characters, but together Strafford and Parkland were able to successfully modernize data load processes and improve the integration with their ERP system.

"Strafford was able to deliver a unique solution that addressed the requirement. Strafford was essential for getting through that hurdle with Oracle."

~ John, Senior Business Analyst


Moving from a heavy, manual ETL process to a streamlined and automated FDMEE, without any manual human effort for SQL server maintenance, enables Parkland’s IT group to be hands-free and simply monitor the process. “All we have do is error monitoring and daily check-ins on those applications rather than physically loading the data. It’s a big win for us on the IT side,” Blomme said. After the project was completed, Parkland has been able to:

  • Improve Finance Efficiency
  • Reduce Reliance On IT
  • Expand Metadata Capabilities
  • Gain Greater Confidence In Data Loads
  • Scale and Grow with the Business

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