ARC Improves Financial Operations

American Red Cross Streamlines Financial Operations and Improves End-user Adoption

The American Red Cross (ARC) responds to humanitarian disasters, collects and stocks a large percentage of the US blood supply and manages an army of employees and volunteers. A huge effort not only to keep track of, but to streamline costs and efficiently manage their extensive planning cycle.

Strafford Technology was selected to help move the American Red Cross’s existing financial environment to the cloud. By revamping and extending their Hyperion planning applications, they transitioned users away from Excel spreadsheets, improved end-user adoption, and delivered a more reliable Hyperion planning and reporting process.

"Working with Strafford for this implementation [was] incredibly easy. Our working relationship has been like nothing that I’ve ever experienced with other service providers, and I’ve worked with quite a few."

~ Mark, Senior Director, Financial Reporting and Analytics


ARC needed to transform their financial structure — simultaneously collapsing the organization’s siloed structure of several business units into one — while standardizing organization-wide financial reporting and planning. 


To streamline financial operations and to maximize ARC’s Hyperion investment, the Strafford consultants recommended they leverage the built-in functionality of Hyperion, and then presented ways they could increase user adoption and financial efficiencies. As part of the recommended roadmap, Strafford’s implementation plan introduced best practices, built in new functionality, and integrated financial information throughout applicable areas of the organization.

"It may be too soon to talk about ROI as we are still running some parallel tracks, but we have definitely seen some major gains when it comes to ease of use."

~ Mark, Senior Director, Financial Reporting and Analytics


With the ability to streamline and automate the daily process of revising actuals, Hague and his team have already seen a significant time savings. What’s more, end-user adoption is at an all-time high and they’ve been able to push the financial planning process deeper into the organization and encourage financial ownership and accountability by the business line stakeholders. Just some of the results ARC has seen include:

  • Fully Trained Finance Team
  • Improved Planning and Reporting
  • Shifted Reliance From Excel to Hyperion Planning Application
  • Holistic View of Financial Data
  • Smarter Design
  • Greater User Adoption

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