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Welcome to the Strafford Blog

Oracle Hyperion On-premises Support is Extended Through 2030!

Posted by Hyperion Consultant

Dec 13, 2017 12:09:05 PM

Oracle Hyperion On-premise Support Changes

As you may have seen, Oracle announced at KScope 2017 in San Antonio that it has extended support for a number of on-premise Hyperion tools. In case you missed it, here's the lowdown...

  1. Support for Hyperion On-premise apps has been extended through 2030 for the upcoming version 11.2 to be released in 2019. Oracle Support is going to continue its standard support and enhancement process. For example, as defects get reported, they will be sent to the product manager for prioritization and set with target release date. Once the defect is fixed it will be rolled into a patch and ready for downloading via the Oracle website.  This is good news to the current and future On-premise client base.

  2. Full support for Hyperion will continue until May 2018. Oracle’s full support for Hyperion is set to expire in May 2018. This means that updates in the form of Patch Set Exceptions and support for certified third-party software will only be available till then. After that, the products will only be able to receive Sustaining Support for an indefinite period of time, which means that users will get troubleshooting and technical support on a best-effort basis

What do we recommend you do?

Take a deep breadth. Strafford, an Oracle Platinum partner, will be happy to review your options with you. Together we will come up with a plan that has your strategic goals in mind. Then, you can sleep at night knowing your company has a game plan in place.

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Perhaps It's Time to Re-evaluate Your Oracle Hyperion On-premise Solution

Your first instinct may be to upgrade your Oracle Hyperion On-premise environment now.

It’s true if your company is on the latest release of Hyperion On-premise, you will be able to take advantage of the full Premium Support of Oracle Hyperion tools in the future. You’ll get to enjoy the robust and up-to-date applications and updates - enabling your organization to meet and cope with the latest reporting challenges.

Do it right the first time!  Assess the situation and get all the facts.

Don’t back yourself into a corner without exploring all options. Oracle Hyperion On-premise suport may have been extended, but we recommend doing an Hyperion Upgrade Assessment and Road-mapping exercise today. Strafford can help arm you with all the facts.

We recommend discussing your options with the key players within your organization. You need to talk openly with all the people who’d actually be doing the work, and who would be effected by the outcome. 

These discussions generally start out by reviewing strategic goals - along with understanding existing software products in-house and future purchases.  Also, we will take a look at other possible software solutions that are available in the industry and discuss an On-premise vs. managed application hosting (cloud) environment.

As part of an upgrade assessment, we can quickly estimate the work load that needs to be done. Next, we will help you factor in the work velocity. Every team member knows how much work they can get done in a specific period of time.  We can help you prioritize each project (or task) and estimate time durations.  We all live in the real word and things tend to change quickly, so if priorities change, you already have a list of projects and then can reset expectations base on the new workload.

By doing a thorough upgrade assessment, the team will have visibility into the current situation and they'll understand the high-level game plan of what needs to happen. The hope is that there will be no hidden agendas, nothing behind the curtain - this makes the team more productive when it comes time to execute.  We will make sure the team understands the situation and we'll help give the right people the ability to control their own destiny which will make everyone happy.  Research and experience tells us: Happy teams are more productive.

Our Hyperion Upgrade Assessment Objectives


  • Approaches on How to Integrate Strategy with Reality
  • Better Business Insight
  • Understand the Strategic Impact of Financial Modeling
  • Minimize Risk
  • How to Enhance Enterprise Value
  • How to Reduce the Cost of Capital:
    Financial and operational resources will be matched to capital required to execute strategic initiatives
  • Aligning Your Goals and Objectives with Technology


  • Understand How You Plan to Operate, Measure and Monitor Your Business
  • Identify Business Goals and Related Informational Needs
  • Uncover Gaps to be Addressed Including Operational, Process, Skills, and Technology
  • Gain Perspective on Roles, Interdependencies and Potential Impact of Information round Operational Accounting, Reporting, Profitability, Budgeting and Planning


  • Improve Productivity with Packaged Financial Modeling Tools
  • Understand Current Technology Environment and Options
  • Go-forward Strategy (Information Needs, Goals, Time Frames, Resources, and Budgets)
  • Increase User Adoption of the New Tool
  • Purchase a Tool that is Simple and Easy to Maintain and Support by Finance
  • Help you to Understand and Reduce Your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Quickly Deploy and Implement with Minimal IT Support

Strafford Technology has been delivering consulting and advisory services, including product assessments and roadmaps, for years. We do not recommend waiting until April 2018 to complete your upgrade without a long-term game plan. Based on our 20+ years of Hyperion experience, we recommend that you get a head of the April 2018 date and have a product strategy roadmap in place.  Because everyone knows the amount of time it takes to roll-out technology updates and you don’t want to be struggling at the last minute to come up a game plan. No heroics needed when you plan ahead.

If you would like more information about our Assessments and Roadmapping please contact Strafford Technology today. You can also call us anytime at 1-603-434-2550.

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