Oracle HFM Journal functionality in Smart View

Posted by Michele Morrill

Sep 4, 2015 9:36:31 AM

Oracle released Smart View in August and within this new version are several enhancements including the ability to work with Journals in Smart View. Users who already use Excel for “everything” now have one more thing to add to the list. What’s next? Will Smart View get our morning coffee? Not quite, but journals in Smart View is the next best thing (at least for the Accounting department!)


Technically referred to as Oracle Journals Extension for Financial Management, Oracle Journals is a new Smart View extension that supports a subset of the Journals functionality found in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) web interface.

Before you can use Oracle Journals, you must install and enable the extension. After connecting to a Financial Management data source, right-click a Financial Management application and select one of the two journal commands: Manage Journals or Create Journal or select the command from the Action Panel.

With this new feature, you can perform most of the standard journal functions such as create a new journal, view journal properties including status, type, journal group and class, and of course edit and save them. You can also post, unpost, submit, approve and delete journals. Aside from these journal basics, perhaps the most practical (not to mention coolest) feature is the ability to create a journal from a data grid or data form that is already opened in Excel.

First select a cell or range of cells on which to base the journal, then right-click and select Smart View, then Journals, and then Create Journal. Voila! Smart View Journal! Alternatively you can also use the Create Journal command in the HFM Ad Hoc ribbon. I bet you’re already looking forward to the next release. In the meantime, enjoy this one! Happy Smart View Journaling!

Note: The Oracle Journals extension works with Smart View version and later, and with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and later.



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