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Welcome to the Strafford Blog

Oracle Cloud Predictions 2018

Posted by Pam Gazley

Feb 23, 2018 1:50:00 PM

2018 Cloud Predictions

Have you checked it out yet? It’s a must read! Oracle’s Cloud Predictions paper offers some great insight into the trends that they are seeing and how they may affect today’s business. As we talk to our vendors and clients, we’re getting questions associated with many of the predictions they’ve made. Strafford has had jumped feet first into doing what we can to migrate new and existing clients to the cloud and Oracle agrees, stating… “It’s no longer an option, it’s necessary.”

A few of the predictions that stood out to me:

  • By 2020, over 50% of all enterprise data will be managed autonomously. And, 80% of application and infrastructure operations will be resolved autonomously.

    For most, this is a great thing. For some, it’s not. For example, a finance organization may not want automated patches, tune ups, backups and upgrades to occur just as they are trying to reconcile their books. I suppose we should all "believe" that our application and infrastructure vendors would never do anything to affect our productivity but, “what if”. I’m not worried about backups because we’ve been doing automated backups for years not, but for mission-critical applications such as budgeting, planning and reporting, don’t you think the business should dictate when their systems are updated?

  • By 2020, cloud providers will add on-premises controls—or miss out on mission-critical workloads.

  • By 2020, Security will move from job 10 to job 1.

    Yeah! I’m surprised it’s “job 10” today. I feel like we hear about data breaches every day. I’ve also seen first-hand all the company’s hiring Chief Security Officers and Data Security Managers who are on top of building, infrastructure and website security already. Some are even managing Privacy Policies which often fell on the shoulders of legal. These roles are crucial.

    I know there are many company’s out there who are still skeptical of moving to the cloud because of security concerns but this trend/prediction should help ease their concerns a little – they just need to make sure that their cloud hosting provider believes Security is Job #1.

    They also noted by the end of 2017, 85% of enterprises had a multi-cloud strategy. The ability to outsource hardware and software, management and maintenance, but retain assets securely in “your” data center is perfect for regulated industries. They can leverage the benefits of the cloud, such as cost, accessibility, and added functionality, and feel comfortable knowing that their data is safe and secure. They’ll just need to make sure they have a full-proof disaster recovery plan in place.

  • By 2020, AI will cement its place in the enterprise… Cool! Or... Eeek!

Oracle Cloud Predications 2018 is a great read. If you haven't already, download it for yourself.

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