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Posted by Deborah Jelley

May 26, 2015 11:44:00 AM


Planning Administration? – A walk in the park

Oracle is always investing in their core products and their support of Hyperion Planning is no exception.  Oracle is a leader as well as a visionary in the EPM software space according to the 2014 release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Their continued investment in Hyperion Planning over the years has enhanced the product from humble beginnings as desktop software in the 90’s to web-enabled and interoperability with Excel in the 00’s and now to the cloud and mobile devices.

Don’t press that button!

During our many years as consultants running Hyperion implementations, we find some clients are a little nervous about having to administer the application themselves.They’d ask: “What if I go in, press a button and break something to the point where we can’t recover?” Detailed training can help alleviate the stress of administering the application. Hyperion Planning was developed with safety features such as regularly scheduled backups so recovery of data and structure can be moments away. Strafford typically recommends that your company set up a test system as well as a live system so that major structure changes are tested first in the test system before being updated in production. We also offer cloud hosting options to our clients. Our Managed Application Hosting Service can provide access to consultants to troubleshoot issues or assist you with application development.

The latest release of Hyperion Planning does streamline and simplify some of the administrative tools.


In a prior blog post, we noted that Administrators now log into a console to find all their tasks easily and quickly: a dashboard of sorts.The simplified interface is a visually engaging way for administrators to create and manage an application, and for planners to build, analyze, report on and approve plans.  


Self-training has been included in the application. Use the Academy to view getting started information, best practices, videos, tutorials, and other helpful resources. The Academy is almost like sitting in a classroom and better yet, you get best practices tips and tricks. A week of Admin boot camp not in the budget this year? Sit ‘em down in front of the Academy.    

Form Building – bells and whistles

One of the many tasks under the role of the Planning administrator is building data input forms. The new release gives you all something exciting to deliver to your users. New actions and short-cut keys! 

Job Scheduler

Typically, scheduling and managing jobs like importing data and refreshing the database were handed off to the IT department to set up and maintain. If you need to change a data import parameter, you logged a ticket and waited for a response. The latest release of Planning has simplified this process, putting this function back in the hands of the administrator.

Dynamic Children

The latest release allows the administrator to enable parent dimensions for dynamic children. This allows users to create child members as needed. For example, you have North, South and East rolling to a USA parent, and since you’ve opened up West as new child member, you can now easily add its data to the USA parent.

Drag and Drop Dashboards

Build dashboards by dragging and dropping and then configuring forms, charts and external links. An administrator who has built a dashboard previously knows this is a real help. Pre-built forms and charts, dragged over to the dashboard screen, then configured to load the right data when launched? Very nice!

Upgrading your Hyperion Planning application is not a visit to your dentist. With all these new features to be had, at the end of the day, it is not to be feared. Call us!  We’ll be right over.

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