Migrating Oracle Hyperion Enterprise to the Cloud

Posted by Michele Morrill

Sep 22, 2015 3:03:46 PM

Oracle Hyperion in the Cloud

Are you in need of a Hyperion Enterprise environment that is fully supported at the application and system level? Would you rather use the web accessed application that you have without worrying about maintaining it, backing it up, or ensuring that your hardware platform is stable?

Strafford Technology offers a low cost hosting option for Hyperion Enterprise that allows you to utilize the application's functionality via remote access while also giving you direct Smart View access from within your local spreadsheets. Strafford's solution provides the latest patched version of Hyperion Enterprise with no upfront costs and simple monthly maintenance, and offers complete application support for your Administrator, power users and end users.

Advantages of Strafford's Managed Application Hosting Service:

  • Stable, reliable cloud platform
  • Affordable Help Desk support
  • Use Retrieve or Smart View with Microsoft Office
  • Managed backup and restore process
  • Built-in disaster recovery strategy
  • No upfront hardware or installation costs
  • Rapid migration and deployment to the cloud
  • Multiple secure connectivity options
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Web-based password self-service
  • SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, ITAR certification

A stable, reliable platform

Strafford Technology leverages the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to provide a robust, stable and secure environment for our managed EPM hosting services. AWS is the world’s leading provider of cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Strafford has demonstrated a high-level of expertise in designing, building and managing cloud-based solutions on the AWS cloud. 

Expert Help Desk support

We have a strong team of Hyperion Enterprise experts supporting our clients on the cloud. We offer an affordable application Help Desk support solution for your team, ensuring your ability to meet your goals and deadlines with success. When the pressure is on, you will have the peace of mind that Strafford’s experienced consulting team can assist you whenever you need help. Whether it’s a small database design change or custom report development, our team of consultants has been supporting clients with Hyperion Enterprise since the product was first introduced. Our Help Desk is staffed by Oracle Hyperion experts allowing us to provide you with timely and insightful answers.

Use Retrieve or Smart View with Microsoft Office

Clients moving to the Strafford Cloud will enjoy the ability to use Hyperion HP Retrieve and Smart View, the newer enhanced add-in for Microsoft Office. Some companies have delayed implementing Smart View, which offers drag-and-drop functionality due to the complex implementation concerns and costs.

With our cloud, both of these client connection tools are pre-configured and available for use. Unlike Retrieve, Smart View also fully integrates with all Microsoft Office products such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The Smart View ad hoc functionality allows you to quickly create a dynamic spreadsheet without having to hardcode functions such as HPLNK and HPVAL. Smart View offers the ability to access data and perform analysis faster than Retrieve.

Managed backup and restore process

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise has a specific backup and restore process that needs to be carefully implemented, monitored and maintained. Typical ‘IT’ backup strategies are often not capturing all of the important data successfully, especially as corporate IT departments have enabled their own remote-access methods. Over the years, our consultants have discovered many on-premise instances where the native Hyperion Enterprise backup utility has never been implemented or hasn’t been setup correctly, which could lead to difficulty restoring the system or data loss.

Our cloud service offers a completely managed backup and data restore process. We manage the Hyperion Enterprise native backup jobs occurring every 12-hours and manage the complete system snapshots daily. If and when you need to restore your data we’ll be there to carefully manage this process for you and your team. Our support team has even managed to repair user errors for our clients in the past by performing partial data restores.

Built-in disaster recovery strategy

Once your application has been migrated to the cloud with Strafford, you’ll have an automatic disaster recovery plan in place. Your installation will no longer reside in your facility or on your network. In the event of a network or power outage or other catastrophic event in your facility the cloud service is still available to you from any internet-connected computer. Our cloud server storage and backup data is stored on the Amazon S3 storage architecture. Data is dispersed securely among multiple availability zones and geographic locations, allowing us to restore and rebuild your servers in a different AWS data center if needed.

No upfront hardware or installation costs

There are no upfront hardware or installation costs with the cloud, and you’ll never need to worry about upgrading or moving your Oracle Hyperion Enterprise implementation to new hardware again.

Rapid migration and deployment to the cloud

We can migrate your existing application to the cloud seamlessly and painlessly while also upgrading your software to the latest version and patch level your current licensing supports. Your existing implementation will remain in place until your team is fully trained and comfortable using the cloud, making the transition as smooth and pressure-free as possible. When you’re ready, you can just turn off your old servers and stop worrying about them.

Multiple secure connectivity options

We offer multiple secure connectivity options to the cloud including:

  • Secure Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access with RemoteApp support
  • Site-to-site IPSec VPN Tunnels
  • OpenVPN Client VPN Software

24/7 network monitoring

We offer 24/7 real-time monitoring of our hosted EPM applications. The goal of our application Help Desk support team is to become aware of technical issues and take corrective action before your team is aware of a problem.

Web-based password self-service

One of the most common problems facing internal IT departments is managing user authentications, forgotten passwords, or required password changes for compliance reasons. Strafford has developed a web-based password self-service tool that enables users to independently reset their passwords if and when needed without having to contact your IT department.

Certifications and compliance

Amazon Web Services maintains a complete list of industry certification and compliance standards at http://www.aws.amazon.com/compliance, including SOC, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, and ITAR certification information. Strafford has obtained SOC2 certification

To learn more about Strafford Managed Application Hosting Service, click here. 

Strafford Technology supports the full suite of Hyperion products within a Managed Hosting Service. The net result of providing an optimized, fully supported, managed private cloud is that Finance users won't need to worry about the status of their backups, enhancements, patches, performance monitoring or help desk issues...and can now Focus on Finance!

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