Hyperion Enterprise Security: Native vs Active Directory

Posted by Michele Morrill

Nov 6, 2014 9:12:40 AM

Native vs Active Identify Management

Regardless of your industry or size, enterprise security is an important concern for any business running an enterprise software solutions. Oracle Hyperion Enterprise has always had security built into its infrastructure—but did you know there’s more than one option?

If you’ve been using the native (built-in) security function until now, you can benefit from taking a closer look. Although the native security is useful, it requires the administrator to manually manage it within enterprise. Your data is protected, but your time is not, so it can be inefficient and tedious for Hyperion admins to add users, update settings, and reset passwords.

Fortunately, the newest version of enterprise also offers a security option through Microsoft Active Directory. Active Directory allows administrators to assign enterprise-wide policies, deploy programs to many computers, and apply critical updates to an entire organization—but it also serves as a reliable security mechanism. An Active Directory stores organizational information in a central, organized, and accessible database, including network login data.

Users can log in with their network credentials, so there’s no need to have two different sets of usernames and passwords. What's more, you can control the Active Directory group policy of mandatory password changes (i.e., 90 days) which is a plus especially with important financial data. 

Native vs Active Directory

What is best for your business? We can't answer that straight out because every environment (and user requirements) are unique. We do know that many of our clients have faced challenges with identity management when they have a hybrid IT environment with Oracle applications.

If you have questions around Hyperion enterprise security, we can help. We can share our experiences and offer advisory services around setting up and optimizing your enterprise security functions? Contact us to speak with a dedicated Oracle Hyperion expert.

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