Do you have Hyperion specific backups being completed and tested regularly?

Posted by Steve Berry

Mar 14, 2016 8:28:05 AM


I cannot tell you how many times our client’s IT department believe that they are backing up their Oracle Hyperion environment and, in actuality, are not. We have been called into several new clients where an application issue has required a restore of their environment only to find that Hyperion was not being properly backed up.

Through our Strafford CloudOPS network management platform, we have integrated Hyperion-specific detailed backup checks into our daily monitoring. Essbase exports, Essbase integrity, SQL backups and several other areas are checked every night to ensure that backups are being performed correctly.

Our Managed Application Hosting clients rest easily knowing that not only are their backups being performed, checked and copied to a disaster recovery site, but that each year we validate their backups by restoring their entire system to a development environment where our consultants and the client both validate the environment and sign off on it.

Why would anyone want to manage their own Hyperion environment when they can receive worry-free managed services with tightly monitored backups and disaster recovery services built in?

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