Welcome to the Strafford Blog

Welcome to the Strafford Blog

The Cloud Brings Better Performance and Team Efficiency - A Case Study

Posted by Pam Gazley

Jan 30, 2018 1:49:08 PM


When a world-leading enterprise cloud contact center and workforce optimization solution provider, Aspect Software, needed to upgrade and migrate their Hyperion Planning solution to the cloud, they turned to Strafford's consulting, cloud hosting and EPM support services.

Outdated finance solution that wasn't being fully utilized.

Oracle Hyperion Planning
Essbase Server

Upgraded current Hyperion environment and moved it to a hosted cloud. Mentored and trained team on best practices. A 24/7 Help Desk and Support service.

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Aspect had an aging finance infrastructure around their Hyperion environment. They needed to upgrade so they felt it was also a great time to modernize their environment and run Hyperion in the cloud.

Upgrading Hyperion Planning and moving it to the cloud not only made economic sense but it would improve system accessibility and minimize downtime. Strafford consultants set up both the development environment and the production environment, and then began the process of exporting all of Aspect's data from their existing on-premises environment into the new upgraded environment - Strafford's Private EPM Cloud. After making all the changes and tweaks that were necessary to get the results the FP&A team needed, the Strafford team set up the cloud infrastructure.

"Strafford is the go-to for us around the Hyperion environment.”
~ Steve Poessnecker, Senior Business Relationship Manager, Aspect Software

With Aspect employees spread across several time zones, having a cloud-based solution makes their system faster and more reliable, and it has improved team efficiencies. What's more Aspect now has support and maintenance resources to draw on and Strafford is available when they need them. Just some of the results Aspect has seen include:

  • Improved App Performance
  • Greater User Adoption
  • Faster FP&A Month End Close Cycles
  • A Scalable Environment
  • Finance Owned and Almost Zero Reliance on IT

Read the full Strafford case study >>


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