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Roadmap to Finance Planning and Budgeting Efficiency

Posted by Jamie Carpentier

Apr 26, 2017 11:26:38 AM


What does the roadmap look like for your finance organization? Based on our experience working alongside finance teams and talking to clients, the roadmap below may sound familiar.

  • You Are Here. Finance has to focus on margin and earnings performance, while preparing for economic and organizational challenges. There are lots of issues that prevent Finance from efficiently organizing and securing the vast amounts of data required for metrics that are used in strategic decision-making.
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Cloud ERP. Cloud EPM. What's the Difference?

Posted by Jamie Carpentier

Jan 24, 2017 9:05:21 AM

Here’s a quick take on Oracle's Cloud ERP and Cloud EPM, and how they work together to help improve your company performance and profitability.

ERP Cloud is an enterprise applications platform that enables the rapid deployment of streamlined transaction-based business processes across enterprises of all sizes.
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Top 8 Reasons to Consider Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Posted by Jamie Carpentier

Jan 11, 2017 11:05:42 AM

Here is what you should know about Cloud ERP:

  1. Organizational Efficiency – You have lots of different software for different processes. The legacy systems you are using as a “system of record” don’t have the same data structure, so the data doesn’t easily work together. Cloud ERP integrates these systems so that every business function references the same consistent data model. That means a single, unified systems platform to execute business processes against to train on, and to efficiently leverage throughout the business.
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