Oracle Hyperion Enterprise

Strafford Managed Application Hosting Service

Looking to upgrade to the latest release of Hyperion Enterprise 6.5.1?

Are you in need of a Hyperion environment that is fully supported at the application and system level? Would you rather use the web accessed Hyperion Enterprise application that you have without worrying about maintaining it, backing it up or ensuring that your hardware platform is stable?

Strafford offers a low cost managed application hosting option for Hyperion Enterprise that allows you to utilize all of the Enterprise functionality via remote access while also giving you direct Smart View access from within your local spreadsheets.

We can move you to the latest patched version of Hyperion Enterprise with no upfront costs, simple monthly maintenance, and have complete application support for your Administrator, power users and end users.

We will monitor your application to ensure that not only are backups being done correctly, but that no issues arise…allowing you to focus on finance.

Thinking about moving to HFM or Upgrading to Oracle Cloud?

Strafford's vast experience with Hyperion Enterprise, combined with our expertise with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, makes us uniquely qualified to guide your organization through a software migration.

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