Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning v. is an flexible planning solution that supports enterprise wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting using desktop, mobile and Microsoft Office interfaces. It provides a robust modeling framework that helps develop reliable financial forecasts based on sales and operational assumptions to produce cost-effective enterprise alignment. With Oracle Hyperion Planning, you have a solution that is best-in-class and proven in the market place to provide timely, actionable plans to help make informed business decisions. Hyperion Planning can be deployed on-site or in the Cloud.

Oracle Hyperion Planning is the center piece of Oracle’s broader solution for Enterprise Business Planning. The process spans strategic planning,budgeting and forecasting, workforce planning, capital asset planning, project financial planning and other elements of operational planning that have a significant impact on financial performance. It also involves an ongoing evaluation of business costs and profitability analysis and uses those insights to drive change in business plans. In addition, Enterprise Business Planning can leverage predictive analysis and simulation techniques to constantly evaluate and quantify risk and uncertainty, inherent to all of these plans, and takes actions to mitigate those risks as appropriate.


  • Hybrid data model facilitates planning, analysis and commentary
  • Flexible workflow capabilities
  • Reliability with predictive planning capabilities
  • Seamless Microsoft Office integration
  • Collaboration and alignment with easy to use mobile friendly web interface
  • Built in reporting and dashboards
  • Proven and scalable architecture
  • Robust integration with ERP sources with drill back
  • Enterprise grade deployment and backups
  • Agility with full mobile planning and workflow capabilities


  • Reduce budgeting and planning cycles by weeks or months
  • Improve forecast reliability
  • Appeal to a wider user community through an intuitive Web user interface
  • Provide familiar user interface for users with full Microsoft Office integration
  • Reduce planning cycles with anywhere, anytime mobile
  • Eliminate time lag between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed
  • Reduce cost of ownership through superior application deployment, management tools and packaged data integration
  • Lay the foundation for making the transition to Enterprise Business Planning

Strafford Technology understands how to help small, midsize and enterprise clients improve their planning process through smart design, selection of technology, and straightforward implementation—on premise and in the cloud.

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