• "After having had a couple of companies in already, I know from seeing their presentation that [Strafford] had the industry knowledge, confidence and expertise needed to help us meet our goals."

    Tom C.
    Senior Manager of
    Financial Planning and Analysis
    Dealertrack Technologies

    "One of Strafford's senior consultants and I worked together to brainstorm several solutions...his level of expertise was greatly appreciated during those times."

    Daniel O.
     Senior Systems Analyst
    Community Health Systems, Inc.

    "The [Hyperion Planning] tool is good, but without the knowledge, flexibility, experience, and support we got from Strafford, it wouldn't be what is is now. The service is what made it successful for us."

    Dean H.
     Manager of
    Financial Planning and Analysis


  • "We selected Strafford because they were a one-stop shop. They offered deployment, hosting, and support of the solution in the cloud, as well as a competitive price point.."

    Andrew W.
    IT Data Program Manager

    "Strafford is an easy company to work with. I told our account manager at Oracle ‘thank you again for setting us up with Strafford because I couldn’t imagine a better company to work with'."

    Bret G.
     Senior Management Reporting Analyst
    AmericanWest Bank

    "Strafford came across much more knowledgeable, with a more open response to what we were going to need versus the others telling us they thought this is what we were going to need."

    Dave M.
    Corporate Controller
    Ilpea Industries, Inc.


Join Us

Intro to Oracle Hyperion Planning v.11
If you want to shorten planning cycles, improve the accuracy of forecasts and enhance business predictability, join us for a discussion on how Oracle’s Hyperion can address a wide range of financial and operational planning requirements.

Webcast: An Introduction to Budgeting & Forecasting with Hyperion
Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Time: 2:00 EST



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